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Reasons to choose an Independent Dental Hygienist

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

5 Reasons an Independent Dental Hygienist is Your Smile's Superhero!

Hey there, Floss Bosses! Today, we're dropping some truth bombs about dental hygiene – so hold onto your toothbrushes. Yep, that's right, we're talking about the reasons to choose an Independent Dental Hygienist over the ones tucked away into standard dental offices. Prepare for a dose of truth, a sprinkle of sass, and a whole lot of reasons why your pearly whites might just prefer a solo adventure!

I feel I am qualified to make comparisons as I have been a practising Dental Hygienist in Ontario for 10 years now. I have been authorized to "self-initiate" for the last 6 years, and have worked in standard private practice for the last 9.5 years.

About 6 months ago, the dental office I was working for decided to hold a staff meeting that boiled my blood so badly, I quit a couple of days after that. Esentially they made us feel like we had no control over how we treat our patients and every patient should be offered the same treatments as to meet a "billing goal". I did not bust my butt in school and then take extra schooling to self-initiate specifically to make these judgement calls for someone else to be calling the "sometimes questionably ethical" shots. I am so lucky to have a few good friends already working independently in Dental Hygiene-

So I was able to make a quick and informed decision to jump ship. Now, I could NEVER go back to private practice, working under a Dentist or a Corporation (which is worse- we'll need a whole separate blog post about that one!)

Here is my list of reasons why I believe from the bottom of my heart that Independent dental hygiene is the way to go- and is in fact the way things are going to be heading in the future- when people realize they can expect more from their dental professionals than they are getting.

1. She/He Who Dares to Be Different

Picture this: you walk into an office, and it's like a scene from a dental-themed soap opera. But wait, what if there was an alternative? Cue the independent dental hygienist, who's like the James Bond of oral care, straying away from the cookie-cutter mold. They're rebels with a dental cause, offering personalized care without the assembly line vibes. It's like having your teeth pampered in a cozy, one-person spa – complete with a relaxing soundtrack of whirring dental tools.

2. More Time, Less "Hurry Up and Spit!"

Ever felt like you're on a game show against the clock during a dental cleaning? Well, say goodbye to the "hurry up and spit" routine! Independent dental hygienists aren't slaves to the ticking clock. They've got time to spare, making sure each nook and cranny of your chompers gets the attention it deserves.

Seeing your Dental Hygienist every 6 months but nothing ever changes visit after visit? Unfortunately- This is not because your DH sucks. It's because the office manager will not allow them the appropriate amount of time to spend doing the diagnostic testing needed for a proper plan of action. And due to a primary focus on "billing goals", they often don't have access to the proper tools and therapies available either. (Think salivary testing, Laser Bacterial Reduction, Scaling and Root Planing, Medicated mouth rinses, oral probiotics etc...)

3. Personal Relationships Instead of Tooth-Number Tags

You know how in a regular dental office, you're just a number? Well, with an independent dental hygienist, you're more like a cherished VIP guest. They remember your coffee preferences, your dog's name, and even the cliffhanger from the last Netflix series you mentioned. It's oral care with a side of friendship – minus the awkward holiday card exchange.

4. No Waiting Room Wars – You're the Sole Focus!

Admit it, waiting rooms are like awkward dance floors where everyone tries to avoid eye contact. But with an independent dental hygienist, there's no need to wage a war for the most comfortable chair. You're the star of the show, the center of attention, and the only patient in sight. Say goodbye to the outdated magazines and hello to a one-on-one dental extravaganza!

5. Your Smile, Your Way!

Life is hectic, and scheduling dental appointments can feel like a game of Tetris. But guess what? Independent dental hygienists have tons of flexibility since they are the boss of their own schedules! They also do not expect you to break up with your dentist that you already know and love. It is their job to collaborate with your medical team- and they have no problem teaming up with your fav Dentist for exceptional comprehensive care! And yes- Dental Hygienists accept Dental Insurance and most Direct Bill, also!

(We Direct bill here at Floss Boss Dental Hygiene)

So there you have it, folks – the lowdown on why choosing an independent dental hygienist could be the best decision for your grin. They're the dental heroes you never knew you needed, offering a touch of magic, a dash of personalization, and a whole lot of laughs (or at least, as many laughs as you can muster with a mouthful of dental tools). So next time you're due for a teeth-taming adventure, consider breaking free from the dental office herd and embracing the wacky, wonderful world of independent dental hygiene! Your smile might just thank you!

Michelle Quinto RDH

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