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Can Oral Health affect Pregnancy and Fertility? The Link Between Oral Health and Baby-Making

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Sleeping baby in a strawerry summer outfit

Hey there! Today, we're diving deep into a topic that might seem as unrelated as mismatched socks: The link between oral health and fertility. Yep! Before you raise your eyebrows and ponder the connection between pearly whites and baby bumps, trust us, there's more to it than meets the eye (or should we say, the toothbrush?).

Picture this: You're ready to start a family, armed with ovulation kits, fertility apps, and a drawer full of pregnancy tests that give you more anxiety than your high school math exams. But what if we told you that your ticket to a smoother journey on the baby-making roller coaster might just be your dazzling smile? Buckle up, folks, we're about to explore the link between those chompers and those baby dreams.

1. Pearly Whites = Better Chances:

Turns out, the road to parenthood starts right in your mouth! Recent studies have shown that individuals with poor oral health, like inflamed gums (gingivitis) and tooth decay, may have a harder time getting that bun in the oven. It's like your mouth is sending out signals that the rest of your body isn't ready to host a tiny tenant just yet. So, time to stop avoiding your oral health. A visit with your Fav Dental Hygienist (to be clear- that would be me <3 ) is in order – your gums will thank you, and your future mini-you will too!

2. Inflammation Frustration:

Hold on, we're getting all scientific here. Inflammation isn't just that pimple that appeared right before prom night. It's also a sneaky villain that can mess with your body's natural processes, including fertility. Swollen gums and oral infections can crank up inflammation in your body, throwing a wrench in the delicate hormonal ballet required for conception. I would like to note that the peer reviewed studies also looked at the effect of poor oral health of MEN and decreased fertility. So, while you're on a mission to floss like a boss, you are also increasing your chances of conceiving AND doing your whole body health a favour, too.

For men, poor oral health can reduce their sperm count and the sperm's ability to swim. In women, bacteria triples the risk of infertility before pregnancy. The direct association between dental hygiene and fertility is just another way teeth & gum health is tied to overall well–being.

3. Hormones and Harmony:

We've all heard about hormones more than we care to admit – they're like the celebrities of the body's backstage crew. Guess what? Your oral health can play a cameo role in this hormonal blockbuster. The reason for this is simple and makes a lot of sense, logically. The bacteria in your mouth responsible for gum inflammation doesn't just stay in your mouth. It enters your bloodstream and is able to cause systemic inflammation, too! This is why oral health is also linked to things like heart disease, respiratory disease, pre-term labour, low birth weight- to name a few. So, by brushing, flossing, and swishing your way to a healthier mouth, you're basically giving your hormones a standing ovation.

4. The Circle of Wellness:

Here's the golden rule: a healthy body is a harmonious body. Just like a symphony relies on each instrument playing in tune, your body requires different systems to work together in perfect harmony. So, while you're munching on those leafy greens and avoiding those late-night sugar binges, remember that you're not just nourishing your waistline – you're also giving your fertility a high-five.

Your Fertility Dream Team may include:

  • Reproductive Endocrinologist: Guiding your journey and treatment plan.

  • Urologist/Andrologist: For male fertility concerns, ensuring all bases are covered.

  • Embryologist: The lab magician making sure embryos are ready for their debut.

  • Genetic Counselor: Navigating hereditary factors for a healthier start.

  • Dietitian/Nutritionist: Optimizing nutrition for prime reproductive health.

  • Therapist/Counselor: Easing emotional highs and lows with expert support.

  • Acupuncturist: Adding a relaxing touch to your fertility journey

  • Support Groups: Finding solace and camaraderie with others on a similar path.

  • Primary Care Physician: Keeping your well-being in check.

  • Dental Hygienist: Oral Health Guru who will balance out your oral microbiome

Building your fertility team means creating a solid network of experts and allies to make your dream of parenthood a reality. Go team fertility! 🌼👶🏽 Dental Hygienists are often forgotten on this list. That is why I am here to remind you! Not sure where to start? Visiting an Independent Dental Hygienist is a great first step. At Floss Boss we are armed and knowledge and treatments that are sure to get your gum health back in check. I'm not talking about just maintaing-which is usually all there is time to do if you visit a Dental Hygienist at a Dental office. With no time contraints and a hygienist that "understands the assignment", we will test, treat and monitor- ensuring that your gums return to a healthy state. Please feel free to reach out if you want to know specifically how we do this! Keep your eyes peeled because I will probably write a blog post about it soon !

Remember, folks, it's not just about teeth anymore. It's about full body health. It's about creating a fertile ground for your future dreams to grow. So, brush, floss, and smile your way to a brighter, baby-filled tomorrow!

Michelle Quinto RDH

Floss Boss Dental Hygiene

Serving the Barrie community and surrounding areas!

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