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Your Dental Questions,
Answered by a Dental Hygienist

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Independent Dental Hygienist?

In September 2007, Bill 171 was passed permitting registered dental hygienists to work independently without onsite supervision from a dentist. An independent Dental Hygienist has status to self-initiate, obtained through additional education and certification.

Does Floss Boss accept dental Insurance?

Yes! At Floss Boss you have the option to pay us and submit your receipt to your insurance company, OR we can directly bill your insurance company. They pay us, and you only need to pay the difference (if there is any) upfront.

Example: Your insurance covers you at 80%. You pay 20% upfront and your insurance company will pay us the other 80%. This help to make dental care more accessible for our patients.

Why choose Floss Boss over a Hygienist at a Dental Office?

As an Independent Dental Hygienist, we use a completely different fee guide for the exact same services you would get at a regular dentist. Our fees are more affordable and we get to decide how we will manage our own time. This allows us to provide better overall quality of care. We don't treat you like just a number. You are receiving customized care of the highest quality, with highly trained and experienced professionals. We offer additional dental therapies that are not traditionally available with a Hygienist employed by a Dentist. See our services page for therapies that we offer!

What happens if I have a cavity?

Floss Boss is located at River Rock Dental where there is a Dentist on staff. It is optional but highly encouraged to see the Dentist for a New Patient Exam which will consist of a full series of X-Rays and a thorough dental examination. Afterwards, it is ideal to see a Dentist every 6 months for a Recall checkup and to have Dental X-rays taken every 18 months to 2 years. This will ensure that we are not missing any dental decay or other issues.

If you have a Dentist that you already know and love, we don't expect you to break up with them! You are more than welcome to continue seeing whoever you are most comfortable with! We are more than willing to collaborate with them for your complete comprehensive dental care.

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